Hey you. The one in blue jeans and a white tee shirt. Am kindly requesting you to listen to my monition . It is a do or die situation. Heed the cry of a concerned peer who wants you to achieve the best in life.

It’s time for you to re-evaluate yourself. Who are you? What do your three names entail? Is the current constituent of your life representing the real you or it is masking the authentic self that is beneath you. It’s either you discover yourself or you let the wild world discover you.
It is plain that you lead a lifestyle that has been prescribed by your immediate society. Your allegiance to this “Doctor” can be justified by how you adhere to the set regimen. The continuous ingestion of the potion that the social clubs offer is what kills your true self in the long run.
The most unfortunate thing is the fact that you are reluctant to step forward and detach yourself from manipulation. You pretend to be independent when dependency is evident.Enough with your sham modesty. Do you know that you have nothing to lose should you decide to pilot your life from today? Oh! Come on.I know you can’t imagine losing your friends. Do you think their feeling is mutual? I wish you knew they care less about you. They can always replace you.
All is not lost though. There is still hope for you to be resuscitated back to life. However it calls for a lot of introspection for you to revert back to your true unique self. It will assist you to find out where you exactly lost track.
Do you remember the day you felt that you had a knowledge deficit about yourself and you needed to consult from the world about who you are? That’s when your identity was tampered with and you have never been yourself since then. Your unequalled personality was considered naivety according to the “world experts” that you engaged for help. They could not understand how you could spend your Friday night at home reading a novel when you are supposed to be somewhere “comfy” boozing with friends. They almost collapsed when they checked your wardrobe which was considered too be too modest. The worst mistake that you did was to consume their creed which erased your individuality completely.
They started by giving you a nick name which was obviously not reflecting the original you. This forced you to play the theatric role of that by name. You blended so well with this role and this is what gave them the confidence to script every single aspect of your life. Look at you now. Your discretion is gone. They have to rubber stamp every single thing that you do in your life. This is what I call slavery. My Literature teacher would term it as a pure thralldom.
I know you will argue that you could not beat them and that is why you had to join them. I will partially agree with you because group dynamics play a very big role in a holistic development of a person. However you should examine critically the kind of group that you want to join. There is no need of joining a peer group that is going to radicalize you negatively. Its better you remain a loner in such a scenario.

You must be wondering why this critic is just outlining your faults and he is not coming up with solutions on how you can regain your freedom back and revive your dreams again. There is no systematic plan of action on how you can sing the liberty song. You don’t even need to engage a therapist for this problem. You only need to consult your conscience. I know you have done it before. However you could not agree with your moral sense which out rightly indicated you were leading a fake life. You decided to conceal this reality by pushing it fast to the unconscious mental faculty of the mind.
Am requesting you accept the voice of your conscience because it is always right. This calls for a lot of decisiveness. Tell your conscience that you have accepted its verdict. Actualize your words by detaching yourself from the false you. Shield yourself from all the negative forces that may thwart your efforts to rediscover yourself. This will involve rearranging so many aspects of your life depending with the magnitude of manipulation that you have been subjected to. It may involve change of residence, contact details, school and sometimes even the place of work.
Examine yourself deeply and pick out all your positive traits. Let them serve as your guide towards this journey of self-discovery. Work towards potentiating them so that they can revolutionize your life story. You will be surprised to realize just how much you have been deviating from the super you. Trust me you will never allow anybody or anything to dictate your life again. You will always yearn to achieve the best in life.
Finally, I will ask again. Who are you? Is the person I see in the social media the real you? 

Are you a party girl as you like to put it? Do you really like the tattoos in your body or you were convinced to put them by your “caring” friends who felt that they will look good on you. The other day you called yourself a rude boy. Are you certain that was you talking or you were expressing somebody else’s opinion about you? As far as am concerned, you are what your conscience says you are. My religion further tells me that you are what God Says you are.

The author is a Registered Nurse