The fact that we are mortal beings means that being sick once in a while is inevitable. However there are several things that one can do to postpone this unfortunate occurrence. What do you eat and drink? How and where do you sleep? What do you feed your mind with? These are the fundamentals of healthy living that are both life giving and deathly depending on how you embrace them. Below are some of the canonical aspects of healthy living that may intrigue you to rearrange your lifestyle again.

  • Learn more about your body: Somebody will argue that this is Doctors responsibility. Under contrary, it is your obligation to understand your body better than anybody else. You don’t need to learn the medical jargons and protocols. Its all about understanding the basic systems of your body. How is your dental cavity? What is the anatomical structure of your genitalia? What about your blood group. Are you allergic to any food or drug? Why don’t you purpose to comprehend your organic structure if at all you can dismantle a computer and reassemble it again? Purpose to discover more about your body from today because we are all unique and it is core in staying healthy.
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  • Have regular medical checkups: You don’t need to be necessarily sick in order to seek medical consultation. Many are the times when we feel we are okay but in real sense we have serious problems beneath our good looking skin. Conditions like cancer tend to show symptoms when in late stages. Sexually active women should have their first pap smear done at the age of 21 and subsequently do them after every three years depending with initial findings.. Men above forty years should undergo prostate cancer screening which entails digital rectal examination and checking for prostate specific antigen (PSA). If you take your Motor vehicle for service even when there is no mechanical problem, what is so hard with you servicing your body and that of your kin routinely? Prevention has always been better than cure.
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  • Never treat yourself: I have always tried to make sure that I don’t treat myself whenever am unwell despite the fact I am a healthcare provider. I have experienced cases of individuals who diagnose themselves without any diagnostic test or medical background and they go ahead to prescribe drugs for themselves. Imagine taking drugs for malaria and you are suffering from yellow fever which presents the same way. Self-treatment has contributed a lot in drug resistance and hospitalization.
  • Regular Work out: Routine exercises are very important in strengthening your muscle tone, joints, enhancing even blood circulation and burning excess calories. You don’t necessarily have to engage an instructor or book sessions in a modern gym. Of course the latter is the best but the fact that you can’t afford them should not be an excuse for you to add morbid weight. You can opt to jog, cycle, or do routine pushups in your bedroom. Don’t over exercise lest you injure yourself. BE ACTIVE

  • Good Interpersonal Chemistry: How you relate with others determines your health outlook. There are people who believe in quarreling with the slightest provocation. Fighting is their only avenue of solving a conflict. This behavior ends up affecting their mental and biological health negatively. Friendly companionship with others are instrumental in promoting healthy living.
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  • Proper Nutrition: Majority of people argue that it is very expensive to eat a balanced diet in these hard economic times. Am here to tell you that it is an affordable affair. Every single nutrient has an alternative. You can alternate meat as the source of protein with beans or an egg. Balanced diet is cheaper than the spicy bum that we admire. Why am I saying this? Eating meat on daily basis is unhealthy. Over eating (Binge) is not healthy either. Under eating is equally insalubrious. Proper nutrition simply means having at least three meals in a day that contain all the required nutrients and in adequate amount. You can click here for a guide on nutrition.
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The above statements may not be that mystic but failure to adhere to them is very consequential. Its time you take charge of your health.

Author: Eliud Kigotho Maina; Registered Nurse, HTC Counsellor